Connecting Traces of Memory


Artist Statement

“The power of nature has revealed the limitation of human made systems and the contradiction of human trying to conceal. All the while explosions and decay continued, they were all exposed on March 11th, 2011. What became apparent was our traces of memory.  In the same land that the first atomic energy ever was unleashed in the form of bomb, many reactors have been made using the same technology. We have been, with our own hands, destroying our land, and ourselves. Without tracing this chain reaction of history, and without each one of us finding ways to connect this traces of memory, our future only holds the extension of this explosion and decay. With the exhibit “Connecting Traces of Memory” we intend to share our labor of searching for this traces of memory. Just like the labor of identifying traces of radiation in our own body, the process involved searching for the traces in the dark corner of our memory as we go through our blood vessels and our nerveous system. In this process we have, once again, confirmed human relationship to the nature and their potential for a renewal which we believe can be a proposal for the new future


F-connecting 4000×4000


N-connecting 3000x3000mm


H-connecting 3000x3000mm